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MobiLearn Project

AW Technical Center Europe s.a. benefits from the Walloon Region’s Research and Technological Innovation program via the ERDF European Regional Development Fund ( in support of the MobiLearn project. The project is deployed in cooperation with ACIC s.a. , a company specialising in image analysis located in the Mons area

MobiLearn aims to design and develop new technological components  that enable the creation  of products and services based on the analysis of images taken by  mobile cameras using Deep Learning techniques.
The products that will result from the project are to be integrated into embedded applications making automobiles more autonomous, as well as  into video monitoring systems.
This project represents an important step following AW Technical Center’s first R&D project co-financed by the Walloon Region. Indeed, to boost the deployment of its strategy, AW Technical Center Europe has established a partnership with local experts in various relevant engineering fields and leads this project in cooperation with its members.
The expected results of the MobiLearn project in  the mid/long term are:

The strengthening and sustainability of AISIN AW’s R&D Center located in Wallonia.
The creation of new products and services marketed by AW EUROPE and made in Wallonia.
The reinforcement of a network of technological partners (universities, research centers, small and large companies) providing additional value to AWTC Europe’s establishment in Wallonia.

The MobiLearn project focuses on the use of Deep Learning practices to exploit images takenby mobile cameras, such as front cameras of automobiles or cams embedded in  drones used for video monitoring purposes.
In the framework of this project, both partners, AW Technical Center Europe and ACIC, combine their specific expertise:

Expertise in embedded  vehicle electronic and IT systems  and in data analysis (Big Data and Deep Learning) in the case of AWTC Europe,

Expertise in image analysis in the case of ACIC.

The MobiLearn project started at  the end of 2017 and is planned to last for  3 years.

Our Belgian plant is the main source of  supply for our European customers. Similarly product specifications are defined locally with the customers.


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