One of the 3 pillars of Aisin AW's Corporate Principal is respect for other cultures and the environment. In recent years, with evolving legislation there have been calls to the automotive industry for further harmony with the environment. In the future, as a subsidiary of AISIN AW, the world's leading automatic transmission (A/T) manufacturer, and responsible for the European market, AW Europe will continue to anticipate the needs of its customers and users by utilizing cutting-edge technology and constantly meeting the challenge of making safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly products.


As an automatic transmission supplier, AW Europe continuously strives to improve performance of its existing products and provide an enhanced product lineup.

We address end user's expectations by producing ATs that offer:

  • customised driving performance
  • innovative dampening solutions
  • quicker and smoother shifts
  • advanced functionalities

All these factors contribute to a better comfort without sacrificing on driving performance.


It is a well known fact that an automatic drive vehicle is a lot more convenient and easy to use. One can easily change the speed while keeping both hands on the steering wheel which provides a full sense of control of the car at all times.
Moreover, not having to consider shifting gears while driving makes the whole experience less stressful, not only for the driver, but for all passengers onboard.
Finally, vehicles equipped with an AT can offer a variety of modern safety features that manual vehicles cannot.

In this respect, we endeavour to develop and offer both products and services that contribute to greater safety to customers and users using our state-of-the-art technology.


AW Europe, a certified ISO 14001:2004 company, implements an Environmental Management System that is geared to all the company's business activities, from development through to sales. In its automatic transmission business, AW Europe is actively working to both further develop and adopt fuel-efficient technologies and material usage. AW Europe's comprehensive approach to environmental conservation is summarized in its slogan "All Together in Protecting the Environment".

AW Europe's product lineup is addressing the environment by featuring improved fuel efficiency for Front Wheel Drive & Rear Wheel Drive ATs and advanced developed AT Control Units




Cutting-edge technology, underpinning the safety, comfort, performance and environment enjoyed by our automobile society. More


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