Lineup: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Since developing a 3-speed RWD Automatic Transmission (AT) in 1972, Aisin AW has developed and launched a series of World Leading ATs. In 2006, the world's first. 8-speed RWD AT was successfully launched.

  RWD Series
Torque Capacity(Nm) 8-Speed 6-Speed
TL Series TR Series TB60 Series


High Torque Capacity RWD 8-speed Automatic Transmission (TL-80SN)
Excellent acceleration and low fuel consumption with optimal use of engine torque
Low noise level and outstanding shift performance that satisfy luxury vehicles
Lightweight thanks to integrated housing (torque converter housing and extension housing)

High Torque Capacity RWD 8-speed Automatic Transmission (TR-80SD)
High torque capacity AT and excellent shift performance to satisfy SUV vehicles
Contained installation equivalent to the 6-speed high torque capacity AT
Increased fuel economy and vehicle performance through weight reduction and efficiency improvement in addition to the optimised gear ratios


Medium Torque Capacity RWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission (TB-68LS)
Lightweight and compact design by adopting a new and sophisticated gear train configuration.
Optimised gear ratios offering reduced fuel consumption and vehicle performance

The complete range of AISIN AW AT models is available here

Major Product Information

Compared to conventional ATs, the world's first 8-speed RWD AT employs a wider gear ratio enabling the engine to perform in its most efficient area.
Combining the optimised gear ratio with a high performance engine this AT is designed for results in a superior drive feeling through better acceleration with a level of quietness never experienced before.




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AW has developed and launched a series of World Leading ATs.
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