Cutting-edge technology, underpinning the safety, comfort, performance and environment enjoyed by our automobile society.


From Aisin-Warner to AISIN AW
In 1969, motivated by the grand vision of contributing to the automobile society through automatic transmissions (AT), Aisin-Warner was created as a result of a joint venture between Aisin Seiki and the American company Borg–Warner.

At a time when only a small percentage of automobiles in Japan were fitted with ATs and despite encountering many trials, such as the "dollar shock" and the two oil crisis, Aisin-Warner pressed forward with strong intent and passion to develop new products, and thus, in 1972 started production of a newly developed Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) 3-speed AT.
This AT (pictured above) was installed on the Toyota Corona Mark II.

Subsequently, with its eyes on arrival of the AT age, Aisin AW produced a series of state-of-the-art products:

1977: small torque capacity RWD 4-speed AT with overdrive (world's 1st)
1980: small torque capacity RWD 4-speed AT with lockup clutch (world's 1st)
1981: small torque capacity RWD electronically controlled 4-speed AT
(world's 1st)
1983: small torque capacity FWD 3-speed AT
1983: small torque capacity FWD electronically controlled 4-speed AT
(world's 1st)
1984: small & medium torque capacity RWD 4-speed AT

In 1987, year in which Aisin-Warner started production of a small torque capacity Front Wheel Drive (FWD) 4-speed AT, the joint venture agreement between Aisin Seiki and Borg-Warner came to an end. As a result, in 1988 the company's name was changed to AISIN AW CO., LTD (AISIN AW) and a new generation was born.

Since then AISIN AW has consistently developed, produced and marketed multiple speed AT models as well as CVTs and hybrid systems, as demanded by our times.

Product development applying cutting-edge technology

With European car manufacturers' needs in mind AISIN AW successfully launched the world's first medium-torque FWD 6-speed AT in 2002. Following this and after being the first auto parts manufacturer having developed an eco-friendly hybrid system in 2004, AISIN AW brought to the market the world's first high-torque RWD 8-speed AT in 2006.

Then in 2008, AISIN AW successfully launched the world's first high-torque capacity All Wheel Drive (AWD) 8-speed AT followed by world premiere high-torque FWD 8-speed AT in 2012.

drivetrain drivetrain

Medium Torque Capacity
FWD 6-speed

High Torque Capacity
RWD 8-speed

drivetrain drivetrain

High Torque Capacity
AWD 8-speed

High Torque Capacity
FWD 8-speed

AISIN AW's quality and product technology capabilities are well recognized, with our products being utilized by 44 automakers in 13 countries around the world.

AW Europe & AW Technical Centre Europe

With the vision that the automatic transmission (AT) will become an essential part of the modern automobile AISIN AW decided in 1990 to increase its global presence by founding its first European centre in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium: AW Europe (AWE). The main purpose was to provide a better support to its European customer base in the fields of sales, engineering and quality by being much closer to them. The research and development function of AWE was separated in 2002 and a 2nd company, AW Technical Centre Europe (AWTCE), was created.

Over the years AWE & AWTCE grew from being a small sales, quality, R&D and testing facility to becoming a major player in AISIN AW's global strategy of development, production and supply of top of the range products and services to its European customers.

1993: AT Control Unit (ATCU) production & delivery start
1996: AT Depot delivery start
1997: AT remanufacturing activity debut and first ISO-QS9000 certification
1998: After Sales Centre inauguration in Baudour, Belgium
2001: Creation of AWTCE
2002: First ISO-TS 16949 & ISO-14001 Certification (Environment)
2003: Mons Plant ATCU production start
2006: Test track facility opening ("MTT.png")
2011: Valve body production line inauguration
2012: Warehouse extension
2013: AT end-of-line flashing activity launch and AEO Certification



Cutting-edge technology, underpinning the safety, comfort, performance and environment enjoyed by our automobile society. More


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